Starting 1999 Benayat has been extremely active in this field of construction and urban development, for the past 25 years.

The experience of Benayat includes, but is not limited to:

  • Construction of integrated projects including electromechanical works and infrastructure development
  • Turnkey high quality finishing services
  • Furniture, Furnishing & Equipment projects

As we always looking for utilizing the highest quality materials and finishing amenities, we decided to engage into the business of supplying a selective range of products, specifically wooden Doors & Floors, wooden Stairs and wall cladding . Selectively we are importing these range of products that are belonging to well known names in Europe such as Lebo, Meister, Boen, Pollmeier from Germany , the famous Haolee Doors brand from china.

Lately we also established BenaStone as Benayat arm of exporting to provide ready to install Egyptian Granite and Lime Stones to be shipped directly according to specs required to any content of the globe.