Benayat is the sole agent for one of the most sophisticated collections of wood floorings , security doors and internal doors . our collection includes a wide range of materials , HDF ,Engineered wood imported from Germany such as   Meister ,BOEN and Spain such as STP , Faus and outdoor floorings provided by exterpark which are all well known names on europe Not only that , Benayat also has an exceptional collection of Italian internal doors and security doors manufactured in italy provided by EFFEBIQUATTRO ,DIBI and Mistershut .Moreover Benayat is the sole agent for the german internal doors provided by LEBO

MEISTER Welcome to the world of MEISTER flooring. From design flooring to laminate, Lindura wooden floors, linoleum, Nadura flooring, cork to parquet, you can find a summary of all the MEISTER floors here. Classic parquet flooring, modern design flooring or totally natural cork flooring? Be inspired! By the way: You can find out which flooring might be right for.

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BOEN hardwood flooring is a natural product. As a procurer of timber BOEN has an important heritage to maintain. Constant dialogue with environmental protection authorities and organisations, investment in new manufacturing technologies allows us to continually reduce waste.

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STP spanish engineered wood company that offers variety of extraordinary and exceptional designs of the engineered wood In order to check all our exceptional shapes please visit our website to know more

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FAUS INTERNATIONAL FLOORING was born as a carpentry workshop more than 60 years ago. Since then we have been growing up with a strong sustainability philosophiy commitment. The entire production process is integrated in Valencia (Spain), encompassing an area of more than 90.000 square meters. This is where our human team accumulates all the knowledge, experience and unique technologies that characterize our FAUS products, allowing us to create decorative solutions suitable for any home and situation. Constant evolution and innovation are aspects that characterize FAUS products since the beginning of our history.
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Exterpark is the origin and evolution of contemporary outdoor flooring. Deck with invisible patented system available in wood and WPC. Whether it will be a complete re-landscaping or evolving from the existing, Exterpark has enormous potential to materialize any aspiration with the goal to create an environment that never ceases to excite your senses.

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